What entrepreneurs and odd socks have in common?

My husband very rarely wears matching socks. In fact, perversely, he only really wears them when he HAS to.

When the dirty washing basket starts to eat them, or with the notion that ‘ the socks just wash themselves’ starts to wear thin. So I started to wonder, why does he do this? Is it a man thing? Is he just lazy? Or is it just ‘inbuilt’ within him.

So I carried out a little reading and researched this topic further. It turns out that, well…, my husband might just be a winner! (he always will be to me) but in business terms, his willingness not to conform to a ‘predetermined template’ borders on entrepreneurship – “a willingness to do things differently”.

In my research, there are those who say, people who do wear matching socks, show that they have order in their life or that they have attention to detail. This got me thinking. “What is order and what is detail?” I mean really, do we have to have our breakfast at 08.00 lunch at 12.00 and dinner at 17.00? Do we really need to take the same route to work every day and what is the point of looking at the detail if the ‘big picture’ is blank? The answer to both those questions, for me, is NO.

Entrepreneurs do things differently, they take risks, they do things most people would not do; they leave the sanctuary of their 9-5 job and set out on their own. They refuse to blindly follow the social norms, the closed box rules, rather they look outside of the box, they test things, they drive forward, sometimes into the unknown with the confidence that they will be successful in the end. Entrepreneurs are winners and this is what we are all striving to set out to achieve – success.

My husband is a winner, I am a winner and you will be too. Keep believing, stay committed, think big, walk a little further every time and you’ll get there. Success is just around the corner.