When the new year comes we are usually focused on making new year’s resolutions. I decided to reflect on the past year first and here is what I want to share with you: my top lessons of 2016.

1. Start low and scale up

If you are a newbie, do not invest in expensive affiliate systems or mastermind programs straight away. The honest truth is that investing a lot of money will not guarantee you making big money in return fast. You still need to learn a lot and try different methods to generate leads before you find the one that is working for you. It’s much better to start playing with small figures and scale up once you feel you know what’re doing.

2. Avoid shiny objects

It is so easy to get attracted by programs that promise you quick money. Be cautious when you see something like: “$10.000 in 90 days”. There are many people out there, that would tell you it is possible, because they’ve done it, but the trick is, they are not newbies. Just stay away from people who pitch you in every email, every FB post and do not give you any value unless you pay.

3. Carry out research before getting involved in any program.

Listen and learn from those who have started similar programs and try and build your understanding and knowledge of what to expect, before starting.

4. Do not give up on your current source of income too fast.

At least for first 6 – 12 months. ┬áStarting a new business is always slow and money does not always come flying back through your door at the beginning. In fact, starting a new business always requires more money that you had anticipated. Having a source of income to help you build the businesses is a must.

5. Be patient, be sensible/reasonable.

Do not expect amazing results quick. I’ve met many 7 even 8 figure earners, and they all have one thing in common – they struggled at the beginning for months and for some, even years before they found their way and started making big money.

6. Find a supportive community.

Starting your own business can often be lonely, especially if you’re learning the ropes. Find a network of people who are willing to help you, guide you and teach you as you build your knowledge in the first few months. It is great to be connected with like-minded people, who like you, were newbies at some point and understand your struggles.

7. Brand yourself.

What I mean by that though is not just creating a brand, nice website and start writing a blog. You need to create and promote yourself as a personality, as someone who people would like to be connected with and follow. You need to give a lot of value to other before you ask them for money.


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