Happy Self-Love Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! It is probably the most often shared greeting today.

As many people celebrate V-Day, there are equally many who dislike it.  “I don’t celebrate V-Day, what a ridiculous idea!” I heard someone saying.

There are probably hundreds of reasons why some people do not want to join the V-Day party.  Singles – because they feel awkward celebrating the ‘people in love’ day.  Some couples – because they don’t like the idea of celebrating love on one specific day, once a year.  Others – just contest the commercial side of it.

But…why don’t we make it a SELF-LOVE celebration day?

Osho, a great philosopher and spiritual leader, said: “A man who loves himself takes
the first step to real love. A man who loves himself finds that there is no ego in him.
It is by loving others without loving yourself, trying to love others, that the ego arises.

Self-love means we are truly connected with ourselves. We know who we are, we know we’re worthy.
It gives us strength and self-confidence. It encourages us to make choices that are best for us.

Self-love helps us to open up to the world, to not afraid of connecting with others on a deeper level.
And we do it to share experience, emotions, thoughts, not to seek approval.

Self-love is sexy. It makes you glow. It makes you attractive, interesting and appealing.

The self-love I’m talking about is not egocentric. On the contrary – the more you love yourself, the more you can
share your compassion and love with others. True self-love is contagious.

When you love yourself, you know you are enough.

Happy SELF-LOVE Day 🙂

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