There are so many business opportunities out there that almost everyone can find something suitable. However, let’s be honest here.

A vast majority of the biz ops that we offered online, are not worth our attention and even more important¬† –¬† our time and money (not even mentioning classic scams).

So if you are like me – looking to build a sustainable business through partnering up with a serious, reliable and financially stable company – you need to ask yourself a few questions before you move on:

How long does the company exist?

Does the company have any assets, either physical (like properties/offices/buildings, production lines etc.), intellectual (patents, copyrights) or digital (apps, software, online platforms like Google), that make it a real deal?

  • Who’s behind the company and what’s this person (or people) business reputation?
  • Does the company provide a good choice of different products to promote, including front-end low ticket offers as well as back-end hight ticket option?
  • Are the products/services that you would be selling representing real value to your prospective clients? Ather words – would they benefit from the product itself, even if they don’t re-sell it to make a commission?
  • Does the company offer a sufficient support for its distributors/consultants to help them to build their business (training, marketing materials, back office, templates etc.)

Finally, you have to ask your self – and be very honest when answering this question – are you truly prepared to invest time, effort and money into this venture and not expect overnight success?

The reason I am sharing this today is that I see how different ‘companies’ just feed on people’s naivety (sorry, but that’s true). The folks get involved in ‘businesses’ that are purely based on some kind of ‘getting rich promise’ but in reality, this promise is like a balloon – completely empty inside.

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