May 14, 2016


Hi, my name is Anna Robson. I am a Founder of (My DotCom Business Education) and Business Success Coach and.  My mission is to help other people, small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to leverage the limitless opportunities of the Internet to either start and scale a new online business or boost the income of their company.

4netI haven’t succeeded overnight.

I know how much determination, effort and every day systematic work is needed to build a profitable business. 

I know how it feels when you put all your energy into your business, but the results are not coming.

I know how much work it requires to keep yourself motivated, to not give up, to keep going.

I worked in different large companies, mostly on high marketing positions for over 20 years.  I was very dedicated, committed and engaged in everything  I was doing.  Always worked very hard, long hours and often on weekends too. The more I worked, the more responsibility, tasks and challenges I was given. 

It was like this for years until I hit the wall. My body rebelled. I got seriously ill, went through depression and breakdown.

I realised that all I had been doing was making someone else “fat and happy”, but not me. I understood, as long as I work for a company, rather than for myself,  I would never be rewarded well enough to live the life I wanted  – to afford my different passions, travelling around the world, supporting my family,  living in my dream house and being able to take decisions for myself.  

I’ve already turned 40… I felt I really had to change something.

It was my turning point…I decided to start my own company utilising my business and marketing experience gained in the corporate world.

And then I hit the wall again. I had no idea how different and challenging it would be to work on my own, with no team around, no supporting departments, no strong financial backup.

I’ve tried many things and methods to gain new clients, to get new leads and generate sales. But after many months, I understood all that I was doing was just spending money with very little results. I felt a little trapped.

Until, unexpectedly, I came across two young and very successful internet entrepreneurs, Matt Lloyd and Shaqir Hussyin, who both in their early twenties built multi-million businesses and created systems, that now help others to repeat their success.

I am very passionate about life and business. I am devoted to creating and developing a successful online business and sharing my knowledge and experience to help others – like YOU – to start, build and scale your successful internet business.

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