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Design Your Unique Personal Image and Enhance Your Online Presence To Win The Game.


Let Me Guide You To Connect With Your Inner Wisdom And Unleash Your Superpowers​


At the 'Design and Manifest' Workshop You Will Create Your Vision Board To Start Manifesting Your Dream Life.

What people say

I was so impressed with Anna’s approach to personal brand development, her knowledge and passion on this topic. She applies a unique process to unfold your ‘truths’ and bring out your personality to create a stand-out brand that attracts your ideal clients. I just knew she was the right person to help me to take my brand to the next level.
Ewa Janas
Anna has a very high self-awareness and a unique ability to always see the opportunities and find creative solutions. This makes working with Anna very rewarding.
Robert Sabelstrom
When I first met Anna, I was impressed with her professionalism, marketing experience and knowledge about human's mind. We did get along very well, and it became clear to me, she was the right person to work with. I had my first personal brand coaching session last week, and I’m blown away! I discovered so many new things about myself. I realised how much more hidden potential I have. I got so much clarity now which direction to follow to reach my goals.
Marta Tope
Business owner

Who's that girl?

Firstly, I want to say a big warm HELLO! I’m genuinely grateful you’ve stopped by, and I hope you’ll spend a few more minutes with me.

Something is telling me you might be looking for some kind of inspiration, guidance, direction or support. So you’re scrolling through my page thinking – hmm… what could she do for me? …is this for me? … can she actually help me? … who is she anyway?

I totally get it – whether it’s about shifting your limiting beliefs, unlocking your potential or creating your brand – it’s all very personal.

It’s about good vibes or at least a ‘gut feeling’ that we might be a good fit.
Ultimately, it is about TRUST.

I really value your time. Instead of making you read a long, detailed story of my life, I’m going to open the door and welcome you into my world… Let me show you what inspires me, what my core values are, what drives me forward and why.